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The Cellulite

Stages of the Cellulite

      The Cellulite comes in four evolution stages. While we show what happens in each stage we will talk about the mechanisms of formation of Cellulite.

Normal condition

 In the normal condition the fat tissue is richly irrigated, the fat cells are in normal size and shape. The vessels are efficient and have normal shape. There is no edema and the Thermography (an examination that demonstrates the degree of Cellulite) is normal.


Stage 1

There is an increase of volume of the cells of the fat tissue in the affected area, caused by fat accumulation inside of the cell. There isn’t circulatory alteration and alteration of the sustentation tissues, just a discreet dilation of the small veins of the fat tissue. There are no visible signs in the skin nor pain. In Thermography it can appear the aspect called "Moucheté" that represents increase of temperature provoked by edema and permeability of the capillaries.



Stage 2

The fat cells are a little fuller of fat, and the ones that are in the deepest part begin to suffer the same process. There is already a certain fibrosis degree, if it gets worse, there is the formation of micro nodules in the following phase. The increase of the volume of the cells provokes circulatory alteration for provoking the compression of the micro veins and lymph vessels. The blood and the lymph (aqueous liquid that baths the cells) are dammed. It happens a larger "swelling" of the fat cells and the toxic debris that should be eliminated begin to be accumulated. The woman's normal hormonal action increases the body liquid, which provokes even more swelling. The contraceptive use and the gestations, due to hormonal action, swell the tissue and worsen the alterations. In the skin it is already possible to observe irregularities to the palpation and there isn’t pain yet. In Thermography the aspect "Moucheté" is more characteristic appearing edema and blood stasis demonstrated by areas of increased temperature.


Stage 3

The cells continue increasing its volume because of the continuous fat edema acquisition. There is a disarrangement of the tissue and emergence of the nodules that in spite of being deeper are seen as irregularities in the surface of the skin, even without palpation. It begins a fibrosis, that is the hardening of the sustentation tissue (where the fibers are) and the circulation is even more committed. It may occur vases and micro varicose veins.   The skin has the similar aspect of an " Orange peel." Then it occurs the sensation of weight and fatigue in the legs (it should be remembered that the Cellulite is related with local circulatory functional problems at the skin and fat tissue, and in that stage the circulation in the fat tissue is already with problems). In the Thermography, there is the aspect of "Pelle di Leopard" that is the presence of countless Thermography stains denoting the disorganization of the tissue, with several temperatures and the edema and venous stasis presence.


Stage 4

The disordered swelling of the fat cells is accentuated, the sustentation tissue becomes more hardened (fibrosis) and the local circulation of venous return is very committed. At that stage, the Cellulite is hard and the skin is "shiny", full of depressions, with padded aspect. The legs get heavy, swollen, painful and the sensation of fatigue is frequently present, even effortlessly. In Thermography it appears the previous aspects described before and Black Holes", that are in areas of reduced circulation, representing a coalition of several micro nodules in macro nodules and the presence of significant fibrosis.


Location of the Cellulite

The Cellulite can be located in several areas of the body. There is  predilection for the  buttocks area, the  thigh's lateral area, the   interne and back area  of the  thigh, the  abdomen, the  nape, the  back  and lateral part of the  arms and the internal face of the  knees, but in predisposed people it can reach even the  ankles.

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